16 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, you suddenly have to make numerous decisions as expecting parents. However, one of the most important and unique decisions you have to make is choosing a baby name.

And although some expecting parents can agree very quickly on a baby name, others struggle to find just the perfect name for their baby.

So here are some important tips to consider when you are deciding on a baby name.

1. Avoid Trends

Are you considering baby names inspired by celebrities?

Sometimes, you just hear a popular baby name and think that it sounds so adorable, but naming your child a popular name can also later be a downfall. For example, a few years back there was a huge trend with popular names like Aiden, Jasper, Sophia, and Aubrey.

And now years later, my daughter Aubrey often has other kids in her class named Aubrey as well. Of course, I don’t regret her name at all, but this is something to think about when you are considering popular baby names because your kid will likely be surrounded by other kids with the same name later.

2. Family Name Traditions

Does your family have a tradition of naming new babies?

My husband’s family had a tradition where the newest baby always had the grandparent’s middle name as their middle name. However, this was not a tradition that we followed.

Other expecting parents may just want to honor a family member by naming their baby after someone in the family to keep the name going. For example, my husband, who’s name is David, wanted our baby boy to have his first name as a middle name. So we named our son, Owen David.

It really is a personal choice between the parents so don’t feel bad if you break the family tradition.

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