In this post, discover the things you actually need for your newborn so you can keep you must get a list to a minimum as well as your stress!

Getting ready for a new baby is pretty stressful and overwhelming, especially if it’s your first baby. The list of things you “need” to get seems never-ending. While there a lot of baby things that are fun to have and might make life easier, there are only a few things you actually need for your newborn those first few weeks.


Those first few newborn weeks will mostly be spent at home. The only time you will be leaving the house is to go to doctors appointments, maybe run some errands or go for walks. So you don’t really need much when it comes to travel. I do think you need two things and an optional third.

  1. Car Seat// You can’t leave the hospital without an infant car seat so it’s a must-have, obviously. If you are having a home birth, you still need a car seat. If there is an emergency or you need to leave the house for some reason, you need a car seat right from the start.
  2. Diaper Bag// I debated if I should add a diaper bag to the need list because I have yet to own an actual diaper bag for my 19-month-old and we are surviving just fine. However, you do need some kind of bag to keep diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc when you leave the house. That bag could be a paper bag, I mean I don’t recommend that (lol), but the bottom line is you will need some kind of bag to keep your babies things in.

Optional: Stroller // I honestly don’t think you need a stroller those first few newborn weeks. Personally, I never wanted to put my baby down for long periods of time. If you want to go for a walk, you can always wear your baby. The only time I would say a stroller is absolutely needed is if you had a c-section and shouldn’t be carrying your baby for long periods of time. Otherwise, you could probably wait a few weeks before purchasing a stroller.


This one is obvious, but I had to add it to the list. I also wanted to point out that there are so many things you could get related to diapering (changing station, wipe warmer, diaper caddy, etc), but the only things you really need are the things directly involved in changing a diaper, like diapers and wipes.

  1. Diapers// Whether you choose to use a cloth or disposable, diapers are one thing you can feel comfortable stocking up on. Here is an article all about cloth diapering and another about how to build a diaper stockpile. If you were wondering, these are the diapers we use and love, I highly recommend them.
  2. Wipes// Once again, what route you choose to take is not so important but you’ll defiantly need wipes regardless. Of course, if you’ve read any of my other posts you know I am passionate about using non-toxic products on my daughter. So I have to throw out there that these non-toxic wipes are amazing. Another great option is to create your own wipes.
  3. Diaper Cream// Because newborns are constantly getting diaper changes it’s really easy for their little bums to get irritated. I don’t like to recommend baby powder of any sort, because the risks just don’t outweigh the benefits in my opinion. I do highly recommend this Sensitive Baby Diaper Cream because it’s so gentle on newborn skin.

Optional: Diaper Pail // I say a diaper pail is optional because you don’t technically need one. You can always throw diapers away in the trash outside or a regular trash bin. However, if you don’t want your house to smell like baby poop and you don’t want to constantly have to run outside to throw away diapers than I recommend getting a diaper pail. You can always get a cheap one!


Another super obvious one! Babies need to be bathed and you’re going to want some gentle soap to bath them with and some lotion to keep their skin baby soft. You can read this post I wrote if you would like some more information on how to create a bathing routine to keep your baby’s skin super healthy!

  1. Body Wash & Shampoo// This newborn foam body wash and shampoo would be my number one recommendation for a gentle and mild newborn-friendly soap. Also, if your newborn is suffering from a case of cradle cap this shampoo got rid of my daughters in less than three days!
  2. Lotion// Once again, you’re going to want a very mild and non-toxic lotion to make sure your newborn’s sensitive skin stays hydrated. This Daily Hydra Lotion is amazing for newborns as well as older babies. I still use it for my 1-year-old and we love it!


If you listen to one piece of advice I offer in this post, make it this section on clothing! I think clothing is the number one thing parents waste money on when preparing for their new arrival.

Here’s my tip: The only clothes you need for your baby in the newborn and 0-3 month sizes are footed pajamas, onesies, kimono tees, socks, and mittens. That’s all! If family and friends would like to gift you with cute little baby outfits, ask them to kindly only buy size 3 months and up.

I had so many cute little outfits for Lily that I never put her in because they just seemed so uncomfortable, the fabric seemed irritating, or diaper changes were too difficult. If you’ re doing a family photoshoot or have a special occasion to attend then that’s different. Otherwise, stick to the easy to change, practical, soft and comfy baby clothes.

  1. Footed Pajamas// When Lily was a newborn I practically just switched her from one footed pajama to the next. I highly recommend the L’oved Baby footed pajamas for a few reasons:

One, they are made of the softest organic cotton ever. Two, they have built-in hand mittens. And three, they have snaps from neck to foot which make diaper changes so easy.

Plus, they have a million colors and patterns, all of which are super cute and beautiful. So stock up on these in sizes newborn and 0-3 months and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Onesies //There are some instances where the weather may not be ideal for footed pajamas or maybe you just want to switch things up. In either case, I recommend getting some basic short sleeve and long sleeve onesies.
  2. Kimono Tees// Kimono tees, either long or short sleeve, are the perfect articles of clothing for those first days before your baby’s umbilical cord falls off. They are loose-fitting and won’t rub against their belly button and cause irritation. Also, because kimono tees either tie or snap, you won’t have to put anything over your babies head.
  3. Socks// If your baby is not wearing their footed pajamas you’ll probably want to have some socks on hand to make sure their little feet don’t get too cold. You don’t need anything super fancy. Just basic cotton socks will do.
  4. Baby Mittens// I am just going to assume every newborn is like mine and has super sharp nail growing powers and a tendency to touch their face. If you don’t want your baby to look like they got a facial from Edward scissor hands, stock up on mittens!

This was one item I did not anticipate needing as much as I did. As a result, my poor baby ended up wearing socks on her hands when her other mittens were being washed because she could have her hands out for more than two seconds. No matter how short or how often I cut her nails my daughter would scrap her face up like crazy. Save your baby’s face and mittens.

Optional: Hats // I say hats are optional because I didn’t use them very often when my daughter was a newborn. The first few days after going home I used the free hats they give you at the hospital when my daughter seemed like she was getting cold.

Other than that I never really used the 20 some hats I was given as gifts. So if you’re having a home birth and won’t be getting any free hats or you just want a couple on hand, then here are some great organic cotton newborn hats!


Out of all the things you need to get for your newborn, I feel like this category is the most important. Having a newborn is really hard no matter how many times you’ve done it, but even harder if your new baby isn’t feeling well or is uncomfortable because of gas or congestion.

If you haven’t heard this weird fact about newborns yet, let me tell you: newborns don’t start to breathe regularly through their months until a few months after they’re born. That means it’s our jobs as parents to make sure those little nostrils are nice and clear!

  1. Saline Spray or Drops// Having saline drops when my daughter was a newborn and well into infancy was a life saver. All I had to do was squirt a few drops into her nostrils and she would immediately breath easier.
  2. NoseFrida Snot Sucker// If your baby’s nose is super stuffy and the saline drops aren’t doing the trick, then you can use the genius contraption called the NoseFrida Snot Sucker.
  3. Humidifier// This is one item I never had and really wish I did. Having a humidifier can really help keep your baby from getting congested. This is especially important if your baby is born during cooler months when you might be running the heater and the air in your home becomes too dry.
  4. Rectal Thermometer// It is, of course, very dangerous for your newborn to have a fever and having the correct thermometer on hand is so important. You should take your baby to a doctor immediately if they have a rectal temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. That means you’re going to need a basic rectal thermometer. Not one of those fancy infrared thermometers. You can get one of those later if you want.
  5. Gas Passer// The FridaBaby Windi gas passer is such a cool product that doesn’t require your baby to ingest anything for gas relief. The Windi gets inserted into your newborns bottom and helps them release gas. Since gas can be the culprit of fussiness and colic having these around can be so helpful.

Optional: Boogie Wipes // Boogie Wipes are basically just wipes made with saline water and a bunch of good stuff like chamomile. You don’t need them per se, but I think they’re great to have around as back up when you need something gentle to wipe your baby’s nose with.


After you have your new baby, it will feel like you’ve never done so much laundry in your entire life! Maybe that’s a little bit dramatic, but between spit up and blowouts, you will be going through outfits like crazy. Which means lots and lots of laundry. It’s important to make sure you have gentle, non-toxic detergent on hand when you wash your baby’s clothes.

  1. Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent // One very important thing to do when choosing the perfect detergent for your babies clothes is your research! A lot of the supposedly “gentle” laundry detergents recommended for babies are actually full of chemicals. You can take my suggestion and get this non-toxic laundry detergent.
  2. Stain Remover// My daughter had a least one blowout a day from the day I brought her home to around six months old when I luckily switched to Bambo Nature diapers and the blowouts stopped. But six months of blowouts meant six months of yellow poop stained clothes. The only thing that ever worked to get the stains out was this Oxyclean Stain Remover. Although, I really hate how full of chemicals it is, using it as a last resort was better than throwing away clothes.


The world of baby gear and accessories is a beautiful thing. It’s full of helpful, fun, exciting, genius inventions that lure you in and make you think you can’t live without it all. Well, let me tell you, in those first newborn days, you can. There is only a hand full of baby gear items and accessories you really need for your newborn and I list them below.

  1. Receiving Blankets// I received dozens of receiving blankets as gifts while I was pregnant. I didn’t really know what I would use them for and debated just getting rid of some because there were so many and I didn’t think I would need them. Well, to this day I still use them and they are by far my most used baby item. During those newborn days, I used them for everything and anything. As a blanket, spit-up cloth, diaper changing “station”, clean up towel, nursing cover, and so much more!
  2. Pacifier// I am including pacifiers as an item you need because I don’t know how I would’ve survived without them in those early days. Now, not all baby’s take to pacifiers, so you may not need one after all if your baby doesn’t like them. However, I still recommend having a few on hand. Because if your baby does end up liking them, they will be your best friend.
  3. Soft-Wrap Carrier// Baby wearing your newborn is so beneficial in many ways.  There are so many different types of carriers and eventually, you’ll probably want many different kinds, but in those early days, I think that all you really need is a soft wrap carrier. Soft wraps hold your baby flush against your body and in my opinion is best for newborns. My favorite brands for soft wraps are Moby and Solly Baby.
  4. Rock n’ Play// As much as you’re going to want to hold your baby 24/7, you just can’t. You will need one place to safely put them down from time to time. Notice that I said one place? You don’t need a swing, bouncer, snuggle me, bassinet, etc. While you can accumulate all those things over time if you’d like, you don’t need all of that right away.

If you have to choose one of those things, choose a Rock ’n Play. Ask any mother who has one and they will tell you they are amazing. I’ve heard so many mothers share stories of how their baby would not sleep out of their arms unless they were in the rock n’ play.

Optional: Baby Bath // Most people will probably think I’m crazy for saying a baby bath is optional but I never used one during those newborn days so for me it was. I used to just shower with Lily and that is what worked and was the most convenient for me.

Now, I realize that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So if that’s the case, you’ll need a baby bath. The only baby bath I recommend for newborns is this lotus sink insert. It’s easy to plop into a sink and it’s cozy and supportive for your new baby.

Optional: Owlet Heart Monitor // The only reason I say the Owlet Heart monitor is optional is that I didn’t have one and my daughter was just fine. However, I wish more than anything I had one when my daughter was a newborn.

I suffered from major postpartum anxiety and was constantly worried that my baby would just stop breathing or that something would be wrong. If I had the Owlet, it would’ve given me so much peace of mind and saved me from many sleepless nights.

Even if you don’t think you’ll suffer from postpartum anxiety, having the Owlet Heart Monitor will give you a sense of security and make those first few weeks so much easier.

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